Dungeons of Peril


The simple country folk of Hobbs End don’t take kindly to strangers. Hobbs End is a small struggling fiefdom composed of several small hamlets and the township of Hobbs End proper.

The locals tend to be shy and reclusive, keeping to themselves. Trade is limited to those few items that the people of Hobbs End are unable to make for themselves. The land itself is impoverished and life here is difficult. The Townsfolk are very superstitious and look unkindly upon any display of magic.

The Hobbs End Gaol is filled with would be heretics, witches and the random dem-ihuman foolish enough to be captured by the local populace.

Justice here tends to be swift and cruel as magistrates travel the countryside with clerks, tax collectors and armed guards in tow. Numerous pillars, and stocks can be found along the old road and each hamlet has a gibbet to make executions convenient.

Hobbs end lies 100 miles east of Castle Rock and its southern most village is the small hamlet of Fouke on the borders of the swamplands and river bottoms.


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