Dungeons of Peril

Red Hook
Victory at Crystal Lake

A stalwart band set forth from the Slaughtered Lamb on the first day of the new year. Determined to discover the truth of the rumored death of dread Ogre known as Red Hook.

Fate smiled upon the party as their guide was led to the correct path by the party’s own woodsman. Travel was easy, but nearing dark on the second day a group of bandits was discovered. A furious battle ensued and soon the cowards were brought to task for their wrongs. Three of the villains reformed on the spot and told a tale of horror.

The ogre had been captured and chained by the bandit’s leader and his companion. The former master was now little more than a guard dog for the massive band of miscreants.

The Bandit lord had scattered his men far and wide and before the party could find the lair of Red Hook they encountered another group of bandits. Quick wits prevailed and a grisly death at the hands of 20 bloodthirsty bandits was avoided.

Once the lair was discovered the watchmen were dispatched and the bandits bested. The second in command died defending his lord who bravely… fled. But the dread Ogre remained. Silent as death two of the party crept to the Ogre’s cell. Swift arrows found their mark piercing one of the great beasts eyes and his heart. The Ogre was slain and the day won.


The simple country folk of Hobbs End don’t take kindly to strangers. Hobbs End is a small struggling fiefdom composed of several small hamlets and the township of Hobbs End proper.

The locals tend to be shy and reclusive, keeping to themselves. Trade is limited to those few items that the people of Hobbs End are unable to make for themselves. The land itself is impoverished and life here is difficult. The Townsfolk are very superstitious and look unkindly upon any display of magic.

The Hobbs End Gaol is filled with would be heretics, witches and the random dem-ihuman foolish enough to be captured by the local populace.

Justice here tends to be swift and cruel as magistrates travel the countryside with clerks, tax collectors and armed guards in tow. Numerous pillars, and stocks can be found along the old road and each hamlet has a gibbet to make executions convenient.

Hobbs end lies 100 miles east of Castle Rock and its southern most village is the small hamlet of Fouke on the borders of the swamplands and river bottoms.

Greetings friends
and so it begins


A fell wind from the North howls across the land. Winter’s icy grip closes over farmer’s field and deep forest alike. Up ahead you see the light of a tavern, the smoke from the chimney promises warmth and company on this dark nighttavern.jpg